Having a social media presence is no longer an option, but doing it effectively is a much bigger chore than it should be.

It’s about time we tell it like it is: managing your social media is not a task as easy as it sounds, especially during the early stages when you want to set the tone and communication style. 

Social media account management may superficially look like casual babbling, but it’s not. It’s actually about strategically dispensing bite-sized content disguised as friendly banter. 

This is why it’s wise not to settle for hiring a generalist social media manager who understands how to communicate on social media. 

You also need to make sure that you hire a specialist who actually knows who your target audience is, what they’re talking about, as well as why they’re talking about it, how they should bring it up, and when to talk about it. 

Overviewing the key benefits of this service:

There are many good reasons to put together a solid social media strategy, and the benefits are not entirely obvious. They are, however, plentiful and wide-ranging in time.

Most of your clients are likely waltzing around on social media; and while they may not necessarily buy from you there, they could first learn about your brand there.

There is a solid potential to reach a lot of people on social media, since your clients will have the chance and the encouragement to spread your message naturally.

Having a consistent social media presence will make your brand seem more trustworthy and responsive, and it will create an excellent customer service channel.

It’s not by accident we call it your social media “presence”, since having one will add to the visibility and ubiquity of your business endeavors.

Even though selling is not the ideal focus for your social media strategy, it’s not something to be disregarded either, since it will set up additional revenue streams.

Managing social media accounts takes a lot of time and energy! Leave it up to dedicated social media managing experts — like me.

This is one of those tasks that you would probably prefer doing by yourself – if only it wasn’t so time-consuming and distracting. 

Luckily, things are a bit easier now. 

You just need a social media manager who can deliver the right content to fill up your social media channels. 

Wouldn’t it be perfect if you found a reliable freelance professional who understood your workflow and catered to your needs?

I will write exactly the kind of social media posts that you would draft and publish yourself if you had the time.

This is exactly the gist of my social media management services — to help you implement the best strategies and do the heavy work on your behalf. 

If you’re struggling to put some traction into your company’s social media presence, I will help you strategize and put your ideas into action — in a way that produces the results you want.

Why waste time working on your social media accounts, when you can hire me to put your social media accounts to work for your business? 

I will start by listening closely to your goals, and I will watch your existing strategy or otherwise help you develop a strategy from the ground up.

Together, we will determine the ideal pacing for your business page’s social media posts, and establish a calendar.

At this step, I will enact and substantiate your social media strategy by developing outstanding, relevant and appealing content.

As your social media marketing plan is set into action, data will be available that I will analyze closely to monitor performance and refine the plan.

I will then report back to you with a detailed report that will clearly articulate the entire process, highlighting the strengths and shortcomings of the current strategy.

Here’s an overview of how the process works:

Social media management is an iterative process, where each step must build on the previous step. When you hire me to manage your social media, this will be my workflow: 

Reach out to me for some valuable feedback on your social media pages.