About Me

I am Rahul Nambiampurath, a freelance B2B content writer with a solid background in finance, an extensive track record writing for top fintech firms, and real-world marketing experience.

When you need to reach out to a specialist who can help you strategize your content marketing campaigns, website copy, or social media presence, I can offer practical solutions that deliver results. 

With my expertise in numbers, my marketing knowledge, and my sales skills backing my ability to produce compelling content — you will get a dedicated ally who will raise the bottom line of your business website. 

Let's synergize our unique skill sets.

I started writing professionally for the web more than ten years ago, just as I was finishing up my Master’s in Finance. This opportunity allowed me to explore my passion for technology and writing through the lens and foresight of my advanced education.

I have written over 1,000 articles during this time, with a heavy focus on the blockchain and crypto industries. In recent years, I have shifted gears to delivering quality B2B content — since my unique experience puts me in a position where I can potentiate the value of existing businesses. 

A finely tuned content strategy should generate business leads by itself. If your website is not regularly generating new leads, you’re leaving money on the table. Ask me how to turn this around. 

A good digital marketer should stay on top of all the relevant tools, from SEO to PPC. I am a certified Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Hubspot marketing professional. 

I have also worked for a few years in sales and marketing, which was when I realized I could use my existing skills and experience in content marketing to deliver outstanding results in B2B settings.

I understand the numbers, the strategies, and the people.

The reason why I can outperform virtually any other B2B content writer who specializes in finances is that, additionally to the marketing theory, I have actual real-world experience in closing sales out in the field. I can walk the walk, talk the talk — and I can write down the entire process. 

Additionally, to my strong commitment to finance and technology, I’m also a down-to-earth guy who enjoys the simple pleasures — like discovering new eateries, or simply being a vintner by passion. I am deeply interested in the works of Nietzsche, to the point of being a borderline fanatic, and I am an absolutely hardcore Game of Thrones fan — I love reminiscing and praising the first six seasons and tearing apart on the horrid train wreck thereafter. 

Not only do I have the expertise and know-how — I can bring the human touch to your B2B content strategy, and deliver content that is just as technically substantial as it is strategically effective and outright enjoyable for your readers.

This is my secret to produce B2B SaaS content that is meaningful, effective, and appealing.

It’s by drawing from my rich professional background that I can glimpse effective solutions that often astound my freelance B2B content writing clients. Since I’m well acquainted with your typical goals, workflows, and strategies, I can provide useful feedback without wasting your time. Feel free to appoint a free call anytime you like, and I will do my best to show you what I can do.

 I’m always interested in working through new challenges, and I will jump at any opportunity where I anticipate being able to deliver impressive results. Depending on what is your business niche and existing content strategy, I may be able to produce remarkable results.

How can I help you get ahead in a fast-moving industry, where it’s all too easy to get left behind?

  • By devising intelligent, long-term content marketing strategies (or scale existing ones.)
  • By producing data-driven content that brings a hand-selected stream of traffic to your site.
  • By crafting keyword-rich, long-form content that generates lead after lead. 
  • By creating honest, engaging social media content that builds your brand. 

Reach out to me with your biggest content related problem, and I will surprise you with an intelligent solution that will save you time and money.


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