Most frequent questions and answers

If the project you’re embarking on is copy-driven, you’ll save both time and money by coming directly to me, rather than attempting to create the content ‘in house.’

As a skilled and experienced B2B content writer, I craft copy that’s designed to sell, rather than fill space — giving you peace of mind when making an investment in services.

Alongside writing content for your SaaS, fintech, cryptocurrency, or blockchain business, I can work with your company to develop a medium to long-term digital marketing strategy that determines ‘how often’ and on ‘what platform’ this content will be delivered on.

Agencies typically have various expenses and other overhead — which are clearly reflected in their rates. Furthermore, many digital marketing agencies don’t actually have any in-house content writers at all!

Instead, it’s considered common practice to outsource content-related work to a specialist like me. The client is then asked to pay a commission for this referral, even though the work should have been handled by an internal team.

Working directly with a freelancer gives you ultimate control over who writes for your business and can be done even on a conservative budget.

My expertise extends from technical writing to marketing acumen and business know-how. I’ve written copies for many companies and delivered proven results. I also provide digital marketing services, which include Google, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and Bing ads, marketing strategy, and all elements of content marketing.

I write about finance, technology, fintech, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, SaaS platforms and services, cloud computing, AI, and data.

I specialize in writing ​content in the topics mentioned above [this includes articles; both long and short-form, web copy, advertising copy, newsletters, social media posts, ebooks, and press releases]. 

I also provide digital marketing services, which include Google, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and Bing ads, marketing strategy, and all elements of content marketing.

First, we’ll get to know each other with an initial phone call to discuss your business and the details of your project. I’ll need to take information about your target audience, buyer personas, content goals, and tone of voice in order to understand how I can help your company get ahead.

After this, I’ll come back to you with a quote.

Once this has been approved, I’ll send over an invoice with a request for a 50% deposit. I ask this of all new clients, but after we’ve built a relationship, I’ll be happy to take full payment on completion. 

Once the deposit is paid, I get to work!

I formulate a high-level outline in Google Docs. We’ll discuss this until you’re happy with the proposal for your content. This prevents confusion and manages expectations for the finished item.

I’ll then write a first draft of your copy, communicating with you regularly during these early stages if I have any questions (you’re welcome to reciprocate).

Two rounds of revisions are included in my quote, though I find that most of the kinks are ironed out after the first round — especially if we’ve done our work upfront. 

I then submit the final invoice, which is payable within seven days of submission of the first draft.

This is the most common question I receive, and the answer always starts with: It depends. 

Yes, I know this isn’t the answer you want, but it’s vital for me to learn more about your specific project before quoting on the total investment. 

To help me understand your needs, let’s jump on a chat. This can be over the phone, Skype, or Google Hangouts — whatever you prefer.

The turnaround time will depend solely on the size and complexity of your work. Like I said previously, once we clarify the parameters of your project, I’ll give you a firm completion date. If you have a deadline to meet, please let me know up front, and I’ll do everything I can to accommodate you.

As is standard in the digital marketing industry, I require a 50% deposit upfront. 

An advance deposit allows mutual trust to develop from the outset of our relationship. The remaining balance is due upon completion of the project, when you’re fully happy with the final product.

Relationships are more valuable than immediate gratification. After we’ve completed our first few projects together, we can discuss credit terms and alternative payment structures. 

I prefer being paid either via TransferWise, PayPal, Bank transfer, or Cryptocurrency. 

However, it could be possible to arrange other methods of payment if that suits your company best. Feel free to contact me at rahul@ir10.in.

I specialize in B2B content writing, but over the years, I’ve had clients and projects that fell into both categories. 

Please do get in touch with your B2C project if it’s in my niche. I’m happy to discuss your needs.

Of course. Feel free to check out some of my past clients’ testimonials here as well as a small sampling of my work at various news outlets here.


Yes, but I naturally prefer a byline as it helps me to promote my services.