There is no shortage of SEO freelancers out there, but I have something unique to offer that sets me apart from the crowd.

Most of my clients already have highly detailed SEO strategies in place.
They usually reach out to me to help them put together a content strategy and supply the required copy and content marketing assets.

They are usually impressed with how flexibly I can join the existing workflow, which comes naturally to me since I have experience as an SEO freelancer.

Truth of the matter is that a good copywriter or content writer must be reasonably up to date on SEO, as part of their job.

Ask me what I can do to bring your website to the top of your search results, and keep it there.

In case you don’t already have an SEO strategy in place, you may be pleased to know I have what it takes to get the job done right. I can also provide unique benefits that large SEO agencies simply can’t.

I usually do this as a complement to my copywriting or content marketing services, but I can be your best option across a wide range of search optimization scenarios.

You’re welcome to reach out to me directly if you want advice regarding your search engine strategy, including any (or all) of the following aspects :

  • Understanding your relevant challenges and objectives
  • Analyzing your website to make sure it’s correctly optimized
  • Carrying out keyword research, market research, and customer profiling
  • Transparent, customized reporting that makes your decision process simpler

There are many SEO companies out there that specialize in these services.

There is a simple reason why you may want to choose me instead: I can give you personalized attention at a more reasonable cost, and I can use the data from my search services to improve my copywriting services.

Here’s an overview of how the process works:

As you know, modern SEO requires close consideration of various layers that must seamlessly come together to form a coherent strategy. I can assist you in working through any or all of these layers, as outlined below: 

I will help you determine the most relevant keywords and clarify their value and competition level. 

Having a list of keywords, I will help you determine how to best assign them through different pages on your website.

This is all about helping search engines understand which keywords you’re aiming to target with each page on your website.

This is all about helping your readers have a clear sense of the keywords you’re targeting, without putting it in their face.

Paying attention to your internal link structure can be a powerful way to improve your SEO with minimal time and effort involved.

If internal optimization is a river, external optimization is a sea; I will help you set up powerful affluents.

Show me your website, and I’ll surprise you with some actionable optimization ideas!